Convenient and comfortable electric makeup brush foundation blush

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High Quality Personalised Electric Makeup Brushes

  • Multifunctional design: With two brush head, including blush and foundation interchangeable brush head, choose thecorresponding function brush head,make your makeup more easier,soft and delicate.
  • High-quality bristles: High-quality non-toxic antibacterial man-made fiber hair is used to make the brush hair, applicable to a variety of cosmetics. And our hair is not easy to distort,more durable.
  • Smart and automatic: Sweet design, two levels to adjust the rotating speed,shorten the time you spend on makeup. And the extreme soft brush turns an entire 360-degrees to make your skin color more
  • Safe & Easy to use: Directly turn on and glide the perfect coverage, it does the work for you for a flawless application.
  • USB Recharge: Breakthrough tradition, the only one USB rechargeable electric makeup brush which brush head can be changed.

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  • Special Design:
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN HANDLE : Brush handle grip comfortable non-slip free hand gestures, arbitrary Angle, handy fashion and ergonomics set in one.
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED : Comfortavle and natural control improves efficiency.
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN :  Two itelligent button design.
  • USB CHARGING : It can be flled at any time and is convenient to carry.



Brush head cleaning method:

  • 1. Remove the brush head and pour the cleaning liquid with a small amount of water. The bristles in the container are agitated and bubbling onto the bristles After the remaining liquid foundation is fully dissolved in water and removed.
  • 2. Use flowing fresh water, rinse down the direction of the bristles.
  • 3. Use a clean towel or paper towel to hold the brush head Grasp the bristles by finger and blot dry.
  • 4. Put the brush head flat on a dry towel to help dry Keep the shape of the original bristles, do not put up. Placement will damage the internal metal and hair of the brush head. Roots will also loosen the bristles.

It is recommended to clean it once a week. Do not use the bristles in the opposite direction, use a hair dryer or rub freely.

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